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    3. Strictly control product quality from the product source

      The production materials are imported environmental protection materials, and the products comply with the regulations and can be used for clinical reference.

    4. Have a professional after-sales service team

      Regular follow-up visits, on-site model testing, and effective solutions

    5. modern teaching model

      The teaching models we designed and produced have won many awards across the country.

    6. Long-standing company heritage

      So far, the general education and higher education teaching models have been produced under the guidance of scientific research institutions in relevant colleges and universities across the country.

    7. Lark Specimen   Just forSolve your medical challenges

      Provide you with model specimens of various specifications

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      Provide specimen model technical services for many medical enterprise workers

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      Six advantages of bailingbiaoben

      Years of industry experience

      Lark Specimen20Years of R&D experienceAfter-sales maintenance around the clock, etc.Solution

      Quality certification

      The company was the first to passISO9001、ISO14001Dual system certification and patent rights be awarded"Excellent Private Enterprise"Pay attention to quality, pay attention to effect

      Senior technical personnel

      Has a number of experienced R & D personnel,Several doctorates, several masters,Provide comprehensive technical support

      Rich product

      The Bailing specimen team provides you withcomplete systemmodel solutions until the customer is satisfied withprofessional masterProvides correct operation, guaranteed use

      Fast and timely delivery

      Product SpecificationsVarious,Servemultiple industries,Have its own warehouse, ensure enough stock, own fleet, free shipping, andlogistics companyReach a cooperation and deliver on time

      Perfect after-sales service system

      All day24hoursSupport network online consultation service,Pre-sale, in-sale, after-saleExtremely fast response to sample model problems,Fast and efficientto solve your problem




      Well-known enterprise cooperative supplier

      Provide efficient specimen model solutions

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      • Zhangjiagang Bailing Specimen Model Co., Ltd.

        Zhangjiagang Bailing Specimen Model Co., Ltd. and Zhangjiagang Leyu Specimen Model Co., Ltd. are located on the coast of the Yangtze River, where there is heaven above and Suzhou and Hangzhou below. Since the company was established and produced in 1973, the general education and higher education teaching models produced have been carried out under the guidance of scientific research institutions in relevant colleges and universities across the country. Many of the teaching models we designed and produced have been used as prototypes for the standards set by the Ministry of Education, and have won many awards across the country. Main products: human specimen model, medical human body model, human anatomy model, etc., the production of registered trademark Hongbailing brand of biology, physiology, human anatomy, tissue embryos, obstetrics, nursing, acupuncture, pathology and other teaching models, electric models, human body Anatomical specimens (including gross specimens, cast specimens, transparent specimens).

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      fax:0512-58961302                                     Website:www.harbortouchprocessing.com

      Address:Bridge No. 4, Leyu Town, Zhangjiagang City, Suzhou City



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